The Doer Manifesto


Like the samurai of ancient feudal Japan living by the Bushido, their code of honor, the doer tribe also follows its own set of rules. These principles prevent them from losing their way on the path to their dreams even when the fog keeps them from seeing which way to go.

  • A doer has a clear vision of what’s important and goes for it. They don’t beat around the bush, they don’t get caught up in trivial details, and they don’t waste time with petty stuff.

  • A doer understands that achieving goals is more like a marathon than a sprint. They watch their pace to make sure they don’t burn themselves out and they know when to stop and refuel so they can stay ahead over the long run.

  • A doer makes decisions with their long term goals in mind. They avoid the trap of instant gratification because they know that they will only be able to create big things if they keep a broad perspective of the board game.

  • A doer doesn’t get frustrated when things don’t turn out the way they hoped it would. They understand that it’s important to flow with the circumstances rather than trying to control them, that it’s better to move with the current rather than against it, and that the best attitude is to be “like water.

  • A doer always keeps moving toward their grand goal. They accept that there will be hurdles along the way, but they understand that hitting them won’t make them disappear and won’t get them any closer to their objective either. Their only mission is to find a way to dodge them so they can keep moving closer and closer to their vision.

  • A doer understands how time works and knows how to create and manage it. A doer knows how to set the right priorities and always makes time for them. A doer doesn’t understand the excuse of not having enough time.

  • A doer looks for the optimal way of doing something but understands the trap of perfectionism and never aspires to it. Instead, they aspire to excellence.

  • A doer understands that less is more, that true worth lies in simplicity, and that if time has to be invested, it’s to reduce, simplify and distill the essence–not to overdo things or overcomplicate them.

  • A doer knows that it’s action that causes motivation, not the other way around. They always choose to take small steps, one after the other, to create momentum, or inertia, toward their vision.

  • A doer understands that action always precedes success and that unless they put themselves into action success will always stay as far away as it was when they started.

  • A doer is, above all, human and knows that absolute concentration 100% of the time can’t be accomplished. So when they inevitably find themselves stuck or wasting their time, they don’t punish or blame themselves. Instead, they simply take the time they need to replenish and then get back on track and continue forging ahead.

Taking the first step of making yourself aware of your Doer Energy and learning to live by the Doer Manifesto will help you in the adventure of creating your dream lifestyle, as well as any other objective or goal you want to achieve.

Becoming more aware of the Doer Energy in our daily lives is a fascinating process: taking note of when we’re having a high energy “up” moment, what we do unconsciously to strengthen it, how it slips away from us, what our instinctive responses are when we realize our reserves are low, and so on.

Leave a comment below and let me know what have you discovered about your own Doer Energy.

Written by:

Victor Espigares

Bestselling author, startup founder, multi-passionate entrepreneur, contemporary dancer, and dad in progress. I help passionate makers and entrepreneurs thrive and grow to enjoy a Remarkable Life.


  1. Mike Savas

    This is an awesome manifesto Victor! I will definitely bookmark it!


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