How to Tap Into Your Doer Energy to Achieve Your Goals


If you have ever tried to achieve a long-term goal, like starting a thriving online business, filming a movie, moving to a different country or building your dream lifestyle, and found yourself quitting halfway through, then you’re familiar with that frustrating feeling it leaves you with.

After spending so many hours thrilled, thinking, conceiving, dreaming, and feeling so close to your achievement that you can practically reach out and grab it with your own hands, it suddenly slips from your fingers. It’s like having a bucket of cold water dumped all over your burning passion and inspiration, leaving a pile of ashes behind. It’s a crushing and devastating experience for anyone.

Reaching your goals and manifesting results, especially when it’s a mid- to long-term project, takes time and dedication. And the thing is, nowadays we’re hooked like junkies to convenience and instant gratification, something that conventional society keeps reinforcing day in and day out. Immediate satisfaction sure feels pleasant (come on, who doesn’t like it?) but it has a really dangerous side: it cripples the endurance you need to get tangible results and bring your bigger visions to life.

Faced with the need to invest a lot of time, effort, and who knows what else, people used to short-term bursts of gratification tend to lose motivation and commitment (“I’m not so sure this is a good idea anymore…”), become frustrated because it seems they’re not getting anywhere (“but… what’s the purpose of all this?”), or simply throw in the towel and change their mind (“you know what? I’ve actually realized this isn’t that important to me”) and trick themselves into believing those self-defeating inner monologues.

And then we have the doers, a strange tribe of people who have a clear idea of how to get what they want and who won’t stop until they do. They’re the ones who make things happen. They’re the ones who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty or roll up their pants and immerse themselves in all the tough stuff. They know that this is the only way they’ll get closer to their goals. I’m sure you know someone in your circle of friends or family–it could even be you–who can get anything off the ground the moment they set their minds to it.

At one time or another in our lives, everyone experiences Doer Energy. That’s when we kick ourselves into high gear with a clearly defined goal leading the way, without letting our busy and chattering minds distract us or seduce us away from the task at hand.

One example of Doer Energy that might feel familiar is that moment before an important deadline when, without you really knowing how, all of the procrastination or distraction that you were suffering up to that point disappears and all you’re left with is the crystal clear intention of finishing whatever you have to finish before it’s too late. (Remember those long study marathons the night before an exam? Those are great examples of Doer Energy bursts, although not the best way to trigger them!)

Or it can happen on those Sunday afternoons when you’ve spent so much time lazily reclining on the couch doing so little that your body aches. Then, suddenly, something activates inside you and you jump up and start doing things: cleaning the house, doing push-ups, jotting down all the ideas racing through your mind–whatever it is, as long as it’s not just staying still!

This is Doer Energy. We all have this creative and productive energy within us to balance out our complementary and opposing Stillness Energy. We couldn’t have one without the other. In Taoism, they call it the Yin and the Yang–the symbiosis of passive or receptive energy (yin) with active energy (yang). The Doer Energy is only one part of the Yang that lives in each of us and the tribe of doers are men and women, like you and me, who have achieved mastery in cultivating and manifesting this type of energy at will.

Now, there is one very important characteristic that must be highlighted about this type of energy. It’s the key feature that the doers all know and exploit to their advantage:

The Doer Energy feeds off of itself.

That means the more you use it, the more you have. Conversely, the less you use, the less you have and the more difficult it becomes for you to manifest results. This is why the more you get stuck in your progress toward a goal, the harder it is to manifest results out of your normal ones. But the more time you spend heading in the right direction, the more your pace starts to pick up and a strange but pleasant sensation of fluidity starts to circulate through everything.

Don’t worry if right now you’re thinking, “Oh my god! Then my levels of this thing must be at rock bottom!” If a doer for some strange reason ends up running out of their reserves of Doer Energy, she knows how to restore them back to a level where she can start creating again. This is one of the many lessons I’ll be teaching in my live class Traction, designed to activate and strengthen that doer part of yourself so it can reach its maximum potential. Basically to bring to life the doer within you.

But for now, just remember this: the more you practice and exercise your Doer Energy, the more likely your project, business, or lifestyle are of seeing the light of day, succeeding, and making a notable difference in the world.

So, don’t hesitate. Start growing your Doer Energy today and increase the chances of making your dreams a reality. Read my Doer Manifesto to find out more about the doer lifestyle.

Also, can you remember a situation where you clearly felt your Doer Energy in action?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Written by:

Victor Espigares

Bestselling author, startup founder, multi-passionate entrepreneur, contemporary dancer, and dad in progress. I help passionate makers and entrepreneurs thrive and grow to enjoy a Remarkable Life.

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  1. Dylan

    I just replied to your initial email this morning that asked us to describe our biggest challenge, and in less eloquent words described my battle with my yin and yang, my doer energy and stillness energy, that you talk about above. Thinking of my apathy more as a habitual stillness than an ominous sign that I must not really want to do anything helps make it seem less daunting and final.


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