5 Proven Ways to Raise Your Creativity To The Next Level


If you’re one of those people who feel stuck with their creativity or who usually don’t have many interesting ideas floating around in their heads, it might be because your creativity needs some space that your daily routine doesn’t provide.

Creativity shares two key characteristics with Doer Energy: we all–every single last one of us–have it and the more we cultivate it, the more it bursts at the seams and becomes easier to use.

If your creativity isn’t at its peak lately or you’re frustrated because you want to get somewhere and it isn’t helping (by coming up with a good idea to start your own online business or figuring out your next life step), stop torturing yourself and stop struggling to force your creativity.

Also, pleeease… stop spending hours and hours surfing the internet trying unsuccessfully to find something that will ignite the spark.

Been there, done that.

And believe me, it never works.

If you really want to get somewhere, try instead at least one (or all!) of these strategies for raising up your creativity levels:

Hug a Tree (Seriously)

Yep, it’s a cliché.

But just this once, try it out, won’t you?

Give yourself a day in nature to spend freely and disconnected, without any purpose or goal other than enjoying yourself and your surroundings (and yes, it could be even half-a-day or a couple of hours–just get your busy ass out in nature!)

Bring along a notepad in case you feel like writing. Turn off your phone (a must) and go explore in nature.

Caveat: walking on the beach or hiking in the mountains will also do, even if there’s no tree to hug. Don’t limit yourself!

Find a great tree that inspires you and simply sit underneath it, or even lay down, and listen to the sound of the birds, the rustling of the leaves, or the cracking of the branches.

Connect with yourself, give the tree a hug (seriously, do it!) and, if you feel like it, start writing without any sort of purpose–just jot down whatever comes to you. In general, anything that helps you de-stress will help recover your creativity’s lost space, but nothing does it better than being in nature and giving a tree a good ol’ fashioned hug (it has a bunch of other awesome benefits as well.)

Immerse Yourself in Learning Mode

Reading books, attending conferences, practicing a new discipline, listening podcasts, going to workshops, getting exposed to new concepts and ideas–they all turn on my learning mode, which automatically triggers my creativity. In fact, I often have to stop what I’m doing so I can write down some thoughts or connect some dots.

Immersing yourself in learning mode and in things that motivates and inspires you–whether it’s books, conferences, videos, or music–greatly enriches your creativity and keeps your motivation to achieve your goals healthy and strong.

Surround Yourself with Inspiring People

Just like immersing yourself in inspiring content, surrounding yourself and interacting with creative people will electrify your creativity (and upgrade your mindset as a bonus.)

Remember those moments you spent brainstorming with some friends, with creativity flowing out in front of a bar napkin and excellent ideas being bounced back and forth? Those are the flow moments we’re aiming for here.

Keep company with inspiring people to bring about more moments like those. Aim for creative, unconventional, and out-of-the-box people. People that will challenge your normal way of thinking and push your creativity to a different state.

Not only will this help you activate your creativity; it will also strengthen your lateral thinking.

Use Different Lenses to look at Daily Things

Figuring out a problem is the foundation of many project ideas.

Look at the everyday occurrences in your life through different lenses. Look for things that you wish would work better and be on the lookout for discoveries. You can even look beyond your own life and do this with the day-to-day lives of other people.

With time and practice, you’ll train your eyes to see things that could be improved and potential necessities.

And then new ideas will start coming to you.

Drench Yourself in Others’ Creativity

I believe that everything has already been invented and that innovation is the result of unifying already existing ideas in new and interesting ways. As Isaac Newton said,

“If I’ve seen further, it’s by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

There’s no better practice for your creativity than exposing it to a lot of ideas and projects–the more novel the better.

Little by little, you’ll start to notice your creativity connecting the dots in different and unexpected ways.

To give your creativity a boost, check out Product Hunt, Springwise.com, or any of the other pages that compile new projects and ideas.

Important: Don’t approach these suggestions with the intention or end goal of finding “The Idea.”

Trying to force creativity just ends up blocking it. Give it the space it needs and when you least expect it your eureka moment will arrive.

Leave a comment below and let me know which of these strategies are you going to try today.

Written by:

Victor Espigares

Bestselling author, startup founder, multi-passionate entrepreneur, contemporary dancer, and dad in progress. I help passionate makers and entrepreneurs thrive and grow to enjoy a Remarkable Life.

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