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If you can think of your dream lifestyle,
I can help you build it.



I’m Victor.

I wrote a bestselling book, launched an award-winning quarter-million-dollar startup featured by The New York Times, worked for one of the greatest online marketers around and traveled the world living awesome adventures.

I’m on a quest to help you design and live your own definition of a Remarkable Life.

Three things I believe in:


Everyone has some uniqueness to offer to the world (including you). You can call it “gift“, “quirkiness“, “talent” or “passion“. I call it superpowers, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have not one, but plenty of those to offer.


Freedom is not free. And certainly won’t happen by accident. If you want it, you have to earn it back, consciously cultivate it and make it grow in your life. That’s the process I call “the Art of Freedom“.


You, and only you, get to decide your lifestyle. You don’t have to live up other people’s expectations nor other people’s dreams. You have a big privilege and the responsibility of having the lifestyle you really want and being the hero of your own story.

This site’s mission is to create a community of like minded top performers who aspire to live an unconventional life.

I write, speak and teach about the mindset, inner psychology, strategies and systems that you need in order to achieve your ambitious life goals (like redesigning your lifestyle).

No B.S. fluffy inspirational content that is like empty nutritional fast-food for your system. Instead, think of this site as the slow-cooked, delicious, organic food that nourishes you at every level (can you tell that my wife Rosy cooks like heaven? 😀)

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My journey

From boring 9-to-5 in front of a screen

towards a Remarkable Life

In the last ten years,
I’ve done some weird stuff

Like launching (and selling) a 6-figure startup, training martial arts full-time for 3 months, wandering around Thailand, working as growth hacker for one of the greatest online marketers ever, performing dance-theater on a stage or writing a bestseller.

But let me explain…

In 2007, I was working as a software engineer in the astrophysics field and I had this idea for a cool side project: a social network to empower people to collect and connect with the best visual inspiration on the web.

After some months of side hustling, I launched VisualizeUs (acquired 2016) and two years later, I took the leap of faith and quit my job to work full-time on it.

Who would have thought that it would end up being an award-winning 6-figure startup featured by The New York Times, with a huge community of more than 250,000 users worldwide collecting more than 8 million great pictures and hit more than a quarter million dollars in lifetime revenue?

Before starting my own startup, I used to work in a 30-meter radio telescope at 2,900 meters above sea level. Pretty cool workplace. (Photo credits: IRAM).

Happy but exhausted with Grand Master Ernesto Presas Jr. at the end of my (really tough) 3-month martial arts training in the Philippines.

In November 2012, after my 30th year around the sun, I decided to go alone to a little off-the-grid village of the Philippines to fulfill a crazy childhood dream.

To train in martial arts full-time directly from a Grand Master.

Too many kung-fu movies, yes.

Just me, my instructor and the Grand Master, training every morning and every afternoon for 3-months straight. No Internet, no social life, no nothing. Crazy once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Happy but exhausted with Grand Master Ernesto Presas Jr. at the end of my (really tough) 3-month martial arts training in the Philippines.

In December 2013, my wife and I sold everything and decided to travel to Thailand with a one-way ticket, wanderer style.

We ended up living in Chiang Mai (north of Thailand) for a while and being trained there in a movement meditation practice using freeform dance named DANCEmandala, one of the most serendipitous transformational discoveries of this wandering experience.

On the left, the views from our Chiang Mai appartment (no kidding). On the right, the Yoga Tree, the beautiful place where we trained for 2 months to become Dance-Meditation facilitators.

Funny thing? I was completely not into dance before that (i.e. terrified of it), but went to try just to support my wife, and it blew my mind (and changed me forever).

Improvising contemporary dance with my wife Rosy in front of an audience. (Photo credit: Dirk Wijs)

Improvising with my wife Rosy in front of an audience. (Photo credit: Dirk Wijs)

During 2014 and 2015, just 3 months shy after my first dance contact, I ended up being part of a dance-theater company and spent months rehearsing with them (and having a lot of fun). That’s how strong dance and movement got into me.

I performed in two different 1-hour long shows in front of hundreds of people, and discovered 1) the crazy amount of rehearsal hours that go into a show (huge respect) and 2) how addictive and fun it is being on stage.

Yep. That’s me performing on stage. For the first time ever in 32 years.
(Photo credit: Juan Antonio Cárdenas Martín)

In March 2015, I became a dad to one of the most amazing creatures I’ve been blessed to meet, my son Noah. And it’s without a doubt, the best, most fun and intense adventure I’ve ever been involved in (and it’s getting even better every day!)

I cried (a lot) when I saw his face for the first time ever, after a 36-hour really tough labor.

I cried (a lot) when I saw his face for the first time ever.

At the last company offsite in Portland.

In September 2015, I had the privilege of joining Ramit Sethi’s incredible team as a growth hacker (a hybrid between a coder and a marketer).

Ramit Sethi is the New York Times bestselling author of the book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” and for the past 12 years, has helped hundreds of thousands of people to live a Rich Life using psychology, systems and tough love.

I’ve been following Ramit and his materials for years so this was a dream opportunity to impact hundreds of thousands of lives and learn a ton in the process.

At our last company offsite in Portland.

In November 2015, I self-published my first non-fiction book on lifestyle entrepreneurship, and it hit #1 Bestseller in both Business and Personal Development categories and was #12 in the Top 100 (amazingly it’s still #1 in Lifestyle one 1 year later).

Fun facts: 1) It took me only 4 years to write it (I started in the Philippines) and 2) I got a publisher deal with one of the major publishers in Spain but ended up walking away because they wanted to change the title (to a really bad one, IMHO).

Writing page 141 in a train to Malaysia.

Writing page 141 in a train to Malaysia.

But things weren’t always that way…

Newsflash: I didn’t want to be an entrepreneur.

I had zero interest in it.

I wasn’t into dance either. Nor had I trained Filipino martial arts before getting to the Philippines. Or wanted to perform on a stage (this never crossed my mind, to be honest).

In fact, I was a pretty classic shy introvert geek during most of my life (still am), spending hours and hours in front of the computer, either playing video games, watching Jackie Chan’s movies or learning the new cool trendy programming language.

I was clear that computers were my life, my One True Passion forever and I was ready to invest my whole life in that. After starting my career in astrophysics and finding a great job, it looks like I was all set.

My life was good and looked like I “had it all”.
But most of my days were like: Go to work, get home, watch some TV and start over again.

And then I had my first life pivotal point with this side project I started for fun, meant to be a startup, getting traction.

I had to decide if I wanted to pursue something that I have created myself and see how big it could go, or keep things the way they were.

Even if I had zero interest in calling myself “an entrepreneur“, I just couldn’t live with the “what if…“. And to be honest, it sounded like a great adventure to embark on.

Looking back, that moment was also the start of my self-development journey.

And then I had my second life pivotal point this time as an entrepreneur, when at my 30th birthday I finally figured out that a) being a millionaire and retiring before 30 weren’t going to happen (duh! too many entreporn stories will do that to you) and b) I was just miserable working my ass off and postponing everything in my life for the business.

It’s ironic how one of the reasons I pursued entrepreneurship was to be able to own back my time and decide how, when and where to work. But I actually ended up in a much worst situation, being a slave of my own worst inner boss.

The combination of workaholism and the wrong vision to pursue eventually got me in a very bad spot: burnout, lack of passion with the project, depression and not wanting to know anything about startups, business, tech or computers.

That’s when I realized that freedom doesn’t happen by chance, nor the lifestyle of your dreams, but by conscious choices and actions. And as a way to recover myself, I started to intentionally cultivate The Art of Freedom and setting the foundation for all the things you’ve been reading earlier.

My third life pivotal point came when I realized that to enjoy great adventures I needed also to have my body ready for them. Up to that date, I had spent a big part of my life seated in front of a computer (hence the chronic back pain, skinny body and incredible stiffness).

I started to slowly reverse all those years, cultivating my body and my movement and actually having fun expressing myself with it. It all started with martial arts, then dance, then acrobatics, then handstands, then parkour, then lifting… anything but neglecting my body again.

Who knows what the fourth life pivotal point would be?

Join me in this adventure called life
and you’ll be first second to know.

Media Bio

VICTOR ESPIGARES is a bestselling author, lifestyle entrepreneur and contemporary dancer. Victor is the founder of the award-winning startup (acq. 2016), the social network for creative people with more than 250,000 users worldwide, 9 million pictures posted and featured by The New York Times as a “constantly changing art installation“.

Victor, a former Astrophysics software engineer (B.S.C.S.), saw his entrepreneurial journey kickstarted by a side project created for fun that was meant to be a quarter-million-dollar startup. After overcoming workaholism, burnout and depression as an entrepreneur, he reframed his business to power the lifestyle of his dreams: traveling the world living adventures. Training in martial arts in an off-the-grid village of the Philippines, wandering around Thailand or performing in a dance-theater company in front of hundreds; are some of those adventures.

Victor has been featured The New York Times, The Huffington Post, in international media like Spain’s first and second nationwide public TV channels (La Primera and La Dos) and in major newspapers and radio networks of the country (20 Minutos, Cadena Ser, Los 40). Victor’s first book, Móntatelo Por Internet, soon to be published in English, has been #1 bestseller in Business, Personal Development and Lifestyle, reaching #12 in the Top 100 of all books.

Victor spends his time between his family, planning the next great adventure and helping people design and build their dream lifestyles.