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I’m Victor.

A multi-passionate entrepreneur, bestselling author, lifestyle architect, startup founder, contemporary dancer and dad in progress.

I have zero interest in living a regular life. And I hope you do too.

What interests me is living a Remarkable Life. One full of adventures that I can proudly share with my (future) grandchildren, even if that sounds tremendously cliché.

More about me

I help passionate makers
build their dream lifestyles
and enjoy a Remarkable Life.

Have you ever thought
“there’s got to be something better” ?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to build a thriving business around your passions…

Or have enough free time to slow-travel the world without constraints…

Or pick up your abandoned artistic alter-ego and create something meaningful out of it…

Or learn a new skill in a very immersive way, just for the fun of it…

Or relocate your entire family to a different culture…

Or join a non-profit overseas and make an impact in the world…

Believe me, whatever it is, you’re not alone.

There is something better.

Although your family and friends give you that weird look (you know which one) because you seem to “have it all“.

Although nobody around you seems to really get you.

There are more daily heroes just like you hidden in the world.

People who dream big and value their time on this planet. People who don’t want to be sitting on the sidelines in their own life. That are ready to break free from the norm and take control of their own life and goals, leaving a better world along the way.

And I’m on a quest to spark more of them.


What step of your journey
are you on?



“I know I want to make a change, it’s just I’m not sure what to do or where to start”

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“I know where I want to go, but I don’t have a good roadmap that takes me there”

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“I know where I want to go, but I don’t have a good roadmap that takes me there”

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“I’m working towards my goal, but I need more leverage to go full-speed”

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Words about me

I have had the pleasure of working with Victor in various capacities over the years and appreciate his uncommon wisdom and out of the box thinking.

We have collaborated on coaching projects, internet businesses and engaging others in altering their world-views to better align with success.

Victor possesses keen insight, passion and neutrality when he is coaching and supporting individuals seeking to design their businesses and life incorporating people’s visions with their core values.”

Jim Zarvos — Executive Coach, Performance Strategist, Leadership Trainer

I’ve had the tremendous opportunity to work with Victor and glean from his entrepreneurial wisdom.

Having demonstrated success with start-ups, Victor has a passion for sharing what he’s learned with others.

Victor demonstrates attributes of a great leader by always seeking ways to improve in his own self-awareness and growth.”

Chris Arnold — Business Coach & Chapter President TruthAtWork